Payment Processing ProductsCredit Card Processing and Merchant Services

With over 10 years of credit card, electronic payment processing and business development success, Maxx Merchants has the experience needed to help grow your business. We offer a robust lineup of products specifically designed to cater to your unique business needs.

Whatever your needs - Maxx has the perfect solution.

Credit Card Processing Credit Card Merchant Account - A Maxx Merchants merchant account allows you to accept payments from all American Express credit cards, Visa and MasterCard credit cards and all bank debit cards that are Visa / Master Card compatible.
Payment Gateway Credit Card Processing Merchant Payment Gateway - All you need to accept payments from an internet shopping cart or online store. The Maxx Payment Gateway processes transactions in real time and also offers a virtual terminal to transact payment from any internet enabled device including PC, Mac, iPhone, Droid and Blackberry.
Maxx Cash Advance
Merchant Cash Advance - An easy way to leverage your merchant account to get a cash advance in as little as 5 business days. This is not a loan as it is an advance on future credit card receivables with easy approval requirements.
Merchant Account Point of sale Point of Sale - Powerful sales management and inventory control. Maxx offers a number of point of sale solutions that can be customized to your businesses specific requirements.
Merchant Account ACH Automatic Payment from a Checking Account - One time or recurring electronic debit and/or credits from a customers checking account.
Merchant Account Gift Cards Gift Cards - Customer loyalty programs tailored to your business. Maxx has many design options from standard to completely customized.
Credit Card Terminal Equipment Credit Card Terminal Equipment - The right equipment for your business location. Maxx offers credit card terminals with all the features you expect, including dial-up, IP, wireless, integrated PIN-Pad and various memory options.
Merchant Account Electronic Check Acceptance Electronic Check Acceptance - Turn your paper checks into and electronic image for easy electronic deposit. Reduce trips to the bank through automated check processing and deposit.