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Mail order & telephone orders / vitrual terminal


MOTO is short for Mail Order/Telephone Order.  MOTO refers to anything "card not present" or "non face-to-face".  MOTO also refers to Internet processing as well.  Since cards are not actually being swiped in a credit card machine, the rates and fees associated are higher then what are charged for retail or "card present" transactions.  Keep in mind, MOTO can also refer to retail merchants who "key" in credit card information using their credit card machine rather than “swiping” the card through the machine.

Credit Card Processing - Get Started

With a MOTO account you can process orders through equipment and/or software:

  1. Credit Card Terminal -  You can process your “keyed” transactions through a variety of terminals depending on your specific needs.  In certain instances we provide FREE terminals. Call for more details, 800.917.8026.
  2. Virtual Terminal - This method allows you to process transactions manually by logging into a secure website from any computer connected to the Internet.

Maxx Merchant's Benefits and Services:

  1. High Approval Rates
  2. Multiple Processing Platforms to support your clients specific needs
  3. 24/7 Multi-Lingual US Based Support
  4. Accept all Major Credit Cards
  5. eChecks and ACH
  6. Virtual Terminals and Internet Gateways for eCommerce Clients
  7. Check Guarantee Solutions
  8. Check Processing Solutions
  9. Cash Advances for Clients who need access to funds quickly
  10. Ability to take cards with Apple iPod Touch and iPhones