Maxx Payment Security PCI Certification and Security Standards

Personal Information Security

Payment security is a top priority for Maxx Merchants. Our powerful and sophisticated platform utilizes the best security tools available in the industry. ALL sensitive data including bank account numbers and card holder credit card numbers are encrypted.

All hosted webforms operate using 256-bit and 128-bit encryption. All web processing platforms utilize Secure Socket Layers (SSL) maintaining PCI DDS certification.

Maxx Merchants, a leader in merchant account processing, is 100% PCI DDS compliant.

What is PCI Compliance?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was developed by the major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, DiscoverCard and JCB International) as a guide to help businesses and organizations that process credit card payments prevent fraud and other vulnerabilities and/or credit card security threats.

Maxx Merchants, a leader in merchant account processing, is 100% PCI DDS compliant.

TrustWave Certified

Based upon the information provided by Maxx Merchants and their affiliates regarding policies, procedures and technical systems that store, process or transmit cardholder data, an onsite assessment, and a vulnerability scan of these systems, Trustwave has determined that Maxx Merchants and their affiliates have satisfactorily met the security requirements. Trustwave has recommended to the payment card associations that they recognize that Maxx Merchants and their affiliates as PCI-DSS compliant.

Other Fraud and Data Protection Tools

Maxx Customer Vault

Customer Vault

  • The Customer Vault allows clients to store customer credit card and ACH information in the Maxx Merchants Level 1 PCI certified data facility. Once the customer record has been securely transmitted to the Customer Vault, the merchant can then initiate transactions remotely without having to access cardholder information directly.
Maxx iSpy Fraud

iSpyFraud Protection

  • ISpyFraud provides custom strategies to identify the difference between legitimate shoppers and fraudulent shoplifters. It is the only solution that provides strategy management and customer service tools to help clients save legitimate transactions that appear risky, as well as set policies for accepting and rejecting transactions.
Maxx Verify Visa

Verify By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

  • Verified by Visa, a simple‐to‐use service that confirms your customers identity with an extra password when they make an online transaction. Helps PREVENT fraud BEFORE it happens.
Maxx Certify PCI

Certify PCI

  • CertifyPCI™ was designed specifically to streamline the PCI Certification process in an effort to help merchants easily achieve a higher level of security. This is an automated web based process to PCI certify qualified merchants in minutes.
  • Merchant breach insurance is offered through RGS/Great American Insurance company and includes $50,000 per occurrence.