Electronic Check Acceptance Electronic Check Processing

An eCheck solution is cheap and easy to implement offering added convenience for your customers.

When your business adds an echeck solution you allow your customers to pay with their preferred payment method. By adding convenience to your payment options you:

  • Speed up payments
  • Increase cash flow
  • Eliminate handling paper checks
  • Enhance customer service
  • Stand out from your competition

eCheck Processing - Get Started

Maxx’s echeck solution is so simple

Your business can accept electronic checks from the internet or via the phone.

  • To accept echecks you don’t have to have a website
  • You will not need technical expertise
  • You will not need a security certificate
  • You only need Maxx Merchants to accept payments online
  • Accept echecks via the phone and process them on your computer or any mobile device that is internet enabled including the iPhone, Droid and Blackberry.

With our echeck solution you have the ability to set up Recurring Billing

  • With the recurring billing option you can automate the process of repeat billing.

All your customer payment history is accessible any time you need it

  • Robust easy to use reporting features make it easy to determine the payment status
  • Payment activity is captured and stored for 8 years regardless of the payment form the customer used.

Give us a call to speak with an eCheck Processing specialist who will help design the perfect solution for your business needs.