Credit Card Processing Maxx Merchants Credit Card Processing

Exactly what your business needs for credit card processing:

  • Low credit card processing fees
  • Streamlined billing process
  • Consolidated customer billing information
  • Flexible payment options for customers
  • Transaction transparency

Credit Card Processing - Get Started

Credit Card Processing is simple and smooth with Maxx Merchants

Low credit card processing fees

  • Maxx provides merchants with the lowest credit card processing rates in the industry
  • Your merchant account will be associated with the best rate plan available for your transaction method
  • Acheive the absolute lowest rates regardless of how your business accepts payment

Streamlined billing process

  • Automate your billing process with recurring billing functionality
  • Detect fraudlent transactions before they are approved

Consolidated customer billing information

  • Store all your customer information in one place
  • Securly store your customers credit card information on our servers for easy retreival on repeat purchases
  • Upload multiple credit card transaction at one time

Flexible payment options for your customers

  • Accept credit cards from a store
  • Accept credit cards from your website
  • Accept credit cards your home
  • Accept credit cards over the phone
  • Accept credit cards from a mobile phone including iPhone™, Android™ and Blackberry™

Transaction transparency

  • Your processing rates are clearly represented on our easy to read billing statement

Give us a call to speak with a credit card processing account specialist who will help design the perfect solution for your business needs.