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SwIPe – A New Lightweight Wireless Point-Of-Sale System

Posted by Alex Neir on Fri, October 14, 2011 @ 02:48 PM

SwIPe – An New Lightweight Wireless Point-Of-Sale System 

SwIPe is a lightweight, Windows™ based software and hardware point-of-sale (POS) application for card-present transactions. The SwIPe solution is a best of breed POS solution that utilizes the storage capabilities of the Maxx Payment Gateway and the security features of next generation card readers with signature capture. 

Merchants using SwIPe and supported hardware have a lightweight handheld card reader that can be used to easily and quickly accept payments. This solution is ideal for merchants looking to speed up the checkout process by enabling sales associates to roam the store to accept check out. Similar to how the Apple store works. Additional applications include trade shows, exhibitions, fairs, and business events outside your retail store. Restaurants can also benefit from this solution but reducing identity theft through table side credit card capture and signature. The customer’s credit card is never out of their sight.


Record Retrieval
Immediately locate signed receipts stored in the gateway

Signature Capture
Fight disputes with chargeback representment

Useful Data
Store up to 20 merchant defined fields in the Customer Vault for future business

E-mail Receipts
Automatically e-mail receipts to customers.

Enhanced Security
Encrypted end-to-end PED compliant security protects cardholders against breach.

Green Initiative
Paperless receipts save trees and the environment

Cost Efficient
Save money by paying lower card present rates.

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