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An ecommerce SSL certificate, do you need one? | We explain

Posted by Alex Neir on Mon, February 27, 2012 @ 02:12 PM
Ecommerce SSL Certificate

What is an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate and will you need one if you are selling online? These two questions are explored in this post.

First let’s discuss the SSL certificate. You will only need an SSL certificate if you are setting up and ecommerce website or a website you intend to sell products and services with. When you set up your ecommerce website you will select a company to host your website so that it is accessible from the internet. Once hosted, all of your individual webpages are then accessible to your visitors via a non-secure connection to the webserver where your website is hosted. Presumably your visitors will shop your site and place the items they wish to purchase into your site’s shopping cart. Once the visitor decides to checkout this is where the SSL certificate comes into play. The checkout page asks the customer to provide their credit card information to complete the purchase. This information must be encrypted before it is sent to the merchant account for processing. The ecommerce SSL certificate is the encryption service that makes sure the information collected from your customer is secure while it is communicated to and from your merchant account.

The SSL certificate is set up by your hosting company and is a requirement if you intend on processing your customer’s payments on your website. You do have the option to process the payment on your merchant service provider’s website. In this scenario the customer is redirected to your processor’s website (secure website) when they decide to checkout. The credit card payment information is gathered on the secure site and transmitted to your business’s merchant account for processing. Upon completion the customer is redirected back to your company site.

Both of these processes ensure your business is PCI DSS compliant. The decision is whether you want to provide a seamless checkout process for your customersor not.

If you are interested in selling your products and services online, check out our helpful guide - Sell your products online – A guide to ecommerce.

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Payment Processing Solutions for Every Business

Posted by Alex Neir on Tue, September 20, 2011 @ 12:24 PM
Payment Process

Payment Processing Solutions for Every Business

Every business needs a payment process that is convenient, well structured and dependable. The right process will save you time, will be cost effective and will eliminate potential issues from occurring. 

For Any Business

Whether your business is in retail, media, sports, health, etc., they can all benefit from credit card payment processing. This payment process is suitable for any business.

  • Retail - Merchandise is purchased and sold from an established and fixed location.
  • eCommerce - Used for buying and selling products and/or services via electronic systems, such as the Internet and other PC networks.
  • Mail Orders / Telephone Orders - The main source of income for a merchant is provided through mail and telephone sales.
  • Wireless - Wireless processing is utilized by merchants who operate their business remotely. A mobile business needs the ability to effectively process wireless payment transactions.

With the right service you will receive:

  • Experience - The right payment processor will have the experience and know how to efffectively deal with and meet any need that may arise.
  • Exceptional customer service - The right processing service will be available to answer any questions or concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Expert Chargeback Management - Working with the merchants to decrease the amount of chargeback conflicts and disputes, as well as supply adequate procedures for payment processing.
  • Effective Fraud Prevention Tools - The right processor will effectively combat fraud. A good process will help to reduce fraudulent transactions from occurring. The processor will support systems including, MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa, the Card Security Codes (CVV2, CVC 2, and CID) and the Address Verification Service (AVS).

The Takeaway

Merchants must be diligent in their search for the appropriate payment processing solution for their business. The right processor will be able to suit your needs and will provide the most efficient solutions. The ideal processor will have a well maintained processing structure, will meet specific areas of expertise and will provide excellent rates.

If you would like to speak to a represenative at Maxx Merchants to discuss a customized solution specifically addressing your businesses unique needs please call (800)917-8026. Or shoot us a messaage on our contact us page.

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5 Credit Card Processing Pitfalls Merchants Should Look For

Posted by Alex Neir on Thu, August 11, 2011 @ 03:57 PM
Internet Credit Card Processing

5 Credit Card Processing Pitfalls Merchants Should Look For

For a merchant, Internet credit card processing is a viable way to grow your business. However, there are certain areas where you can run into trouble, causing a loss of money or business down the road. Here are five key ways a merchant can avoid these pitfalls:

  • Look out for quoted low rates from companies offering to process credit card transactions. Always scrutinize each quote received to view all of the cost factors involved in signing up; this will ensure the best deal is acquired for the business.
  • Do a comprehensive search to ensure the cheapest processing equipment is used for the business. Avoid leasing equipment, as it can drain financial resources quickly while hooking the business in for a long-term contract you may not want.
  • Negotiate your contract term, many business fail to ask if the contract term can be shortened. In many cases it can so be sure to ask.
  • Watch out for termination fees; they can be a sign that a company is not invested in helping the business grow, and would rather see a customer terminate his/her agreement early so that it can collect the pricey termination cost.. Also keep an eye out for reprogramming fees, as although a company may try to convince your business that it must lease or buy equipment in order to avoid having to re-configure the devices, this typically is not the case; in generally the virtual terminal used for Internet credit card processing is easy to set up or re-configure.
  • Pick out the proper merchant account for the business. Ensure the strengths and weaknesses of each account are known before entering into any agreements with companies to use their equipment. By choosing the account that best suits the business' cost and service needs, the business ensures it will remain profitable once the equipment is deployed.

Internet credit card processing can be a straightforward and profitable way to get a business going online, and by exercising caution before entering into any agreements, a business has the best chance to grow in a market beyond a retail store or warehouse.

For more information on Internet credit card processing please give us a call at (800)917-8026.

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