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Authorize.Net Phishing Scam | Beware

Posted by Alex Neir on Thu, September 06, 2012 @ 01:44 PM
Authorize.Net Scam
Authorize.Net, a leading payment gateway provider has recently released a statement pertaining to a phishing scam that is currently in circulation via email.

The subject line for the fraudulent email is “Successful Credit Card Settlement Report”. The email explains that the business’s online service has expired and must be renewed immediately or service will be cut off.  The email asks for the business to verify the account and to renew. A link is provided to login to the account.

Following the link and providing the login name and password is what the scam is after. Once that information is provided the scammer then has access to the business’s Authorize.Net account and can cause damage.

It is vital that this email not be responded to and that the attempt is reported to If you or any of your employees have responded to the email please contact immediately to determine if any fraudulent activity has been made.

As a general rule, never respond to email requesting information pertaining to sensitive information. It is best to contact the company that appears to have sent the email to verify the authenticity of the communication. 

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