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Maxx Merchants Virtual Terminal | Overview

Posted by Alex Neir on Fri, September 21, 2012 @ 01:59 PM

This blog is intended to detail the features and functionality of the Maxx Merchants virtual terminal and payment gateway.

The Maxx Merchants virtual terminal is a web based interface for transacting electronic payment processing functions. The features that will be addressed in this blog include the following:

  • Credit Cards
    • Credit Card Sale – Enter your credit card details to transact payment. The Maxx Virtual terminal lets you configure what fields are presented to the user to capture. This allows your business to customize the sale screen with just the info you require for the sale.
    • Credit Card Authorization – Separate authorization lets you authorize a sale and then capture the funds at a later time. Great for businesses that want to authorize the sale with the order is placed and then capture the funds when the order is shipped.
    • Credit Card Capture – Capture funds at a future date.
    • Credit Card Void / Refund – The terminal has full void and refund capabilities.
  • Electronic Checks
    • Electronic check sale – Electronically capture a check account number and routing number to complete the sale. No longer have your customers mail a check only to then take the check to the bank for deposit. The process happens electronically and speed the whole process up.
    • Electronic check void and refund
  • Recurring BillingRecurring billing lets you set up intervals with which to bill a customer’s credit card. A very nice option to set up a subscription billing.
  • Customer Vault – Store your customer’s credit card information off site for easy encrypted retrieval. Each customer’s sensitive data is tokenized and stored off site on our secure servers. Customer data is easily retrieved by looking the customer up by last name and is returned with all credit card information masked.
  • CertifyPCI – This module offers additional certification pertaining to the payment card industries data security standards.
  • iSpyFraud – This module offers robust and configurable fraud detection rules that examine incoming sales to limit potential fraud losses
  • Reporting – The reporting module lets you examine all transactions run through the virtual terminal or payment gateway and holds those transactions for up to 7 years.

If you would like take advantage of a virtual terminal solution for your business please provide us with your contact information and a representative will be in touch shortly.

Virtual Terminal Set Up

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Electronic Check Guarantee | Worry free check acceptance

Posted by Alex Neir on Wed, July 25, 2012 @ 01:44 PM
Electronic Check Guarantee

The two previous blog posts have covered electronic check verification and electronic check conversion, so now it’s time to cover the last service offered for electronic check acceptance, electronic check guarantee.

Traditional check acceptance creates a liability for the business with customers who write bad checks.  Electronic check verification is a service that can verify customer funds are available prior to payment acceptance. However, if the customer removes the funds prior to settlement the business will be unable to collect the money owed. The solution to this problem is an electronic check guarantee system.

What is electronic check guarantee?

An electronic check guarantee solution guarantees your customer’s payment regardless if the check is collected upon or not. The solution provider assumes the risk of insufficient funds so that your business does not have to.

How does it work?

  1. Upon check out the customer’s check is scanned using a check scanner or keyed into the electronic check acceptance terminal.
  2. The guarantee solution checks the customer in the bad check writer’s database.
  3. If the customer shows up in the database the check is declined.
  4. If the customer does not show up in the bad check writer’s database the check is approved.
  5. Upon settlement, if the customer’s account has insufficient funds, the guarantee solution will deposit the full amount of the check into the business banking account. The guarantee solution then adds the customer to the bad check writers database.

If your business accepts a lot of checks an electronic check guarantee solution can be an invaluable product. This solution frees you up to focus your attention on the business and to forget about collection efforts.  

Would you like more information on an electronic check guarantee solution?

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Electronic Check Conversion | Eliminate trips to the bank

Posted by Alex Neir on Thu, July 19, 2012 @ 01:37 PM
Electronic Check Conversion

Last week we covered the topic of electronic check verification so now we are moving on to electronic check conversion. Traditional check acceptance requires a business to physically deliver checks to the bank for deposit. What if you didn’t have to travel to the bank to deposit your checks? What if your deposits were electronically transmitted to the bank for deposit? Would that time savings amount to more revenue for your business? If so, electronic check conversion could be a time saver and money maker for your business.

What is electronic check conversion?

An electronic check conversion system allows your business to scan the customers check creating a digital copy of the check. The system then stores the check image for electronic deposit into your business bank account.  Once the check is scanned it can be returned to the customer with the receipt. You no longer have to hang on to the customer’s check which eliminates the risk of losing the check prior to deposit.

Combining electronic check conversion with check verification and guarantee ensures that your business is protected from check fraud and risk of insufficient funds. With a check verification service, the system contacts the customer’s bank account as soon as the check is received to make sure the account has the funds necessary to complete the transaction. If successful the system provides an approval code stating that the account has funds. One thing to keep in mind, if the customer were to go to their bank and withdraw all the money in the account before the deposit is made the check could still bounce. A check guarantee system can protect your business from this scenario.

A check guarantee system guarantees the funds to your business regardless if the check bounces. This service provides peace of mind if you accept a lot of checks or have issues with customers writing bad checks.

Would you like information on our check conversion service

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Electronic Check Verification and Guarantee | Simple check acceptance

Posted by Alex Neir on Tue, May 01, 2012 @ 03:45 PM
Electronic Check

Is your business looking for a simplified system for check acceptance? Are you wasting valuable time making trips to the bank to deposit checks? Are you concerned about bounced checks? If you have any of these concerns, an electronic check acceptance system may be your answer.

CrossCheck is a revolutionary system that gives your business the ability to electronically process and settle checks from a single point of sale (POS). Think of the CrossCheck as a system to process checks in a similar fashion to accepting credit cards. The CrossCheck system has two distinct and separate functions. These functions can be enabled together or separately.

  1. Verification
  2. Guarantee

The verification process runs the customer’s check information through their bank to verify the customer has the funds necessary to complete the transaction. The process takes a matter of seconds and returns a recommendation for approval or decline. Check conversion is also available with this process. Check conversion converts the customer check information to an electronic format for deposit in your business checking account.

The guarantee process guarantees the customers check and protects your business from losses associated with bounced checks. Check conversion is available with this process as well.

Both processes are available with a supported check reader. The guarantee process with conversion requires a check imager. A check reader scans the check and reads the account and routing number automatically. A check imager captures a picture of the check so that the original can be returned to the customer.

Would you like more information on CrossCheck? Simply provide you contact information and a representative will be in touch shortly. 

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Merchant Account Virtual Terminal | Transact payment from anywhere

Posted by Alex Neir on Mon, April 02, 2012 @ 01:41 PM
Virtual Terminal

A merchant account virtual terminal is a cloud based application that allows credit card payments to be transacted from any internet enabled device. This includes laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets. The beauty of the virtual terminal is that it is accessible from the internet so you can accept payment from anywhere there is access to the internet.

When you sign up for virtual terminal access your business is given a unique user name and password to access the virtual terminal website. Depending upon how you are accessing the virtual terminal there are a few devices that can be incorporated with your account to enable your business to swipe credit cards. Swiping credit cards ensures you receive the very best credit card processing rates. Devices include a MagTek external card swiper that connects to a laptop or desktop via USB cable. There are also a number of swipe devices that are compatible with smart phones.

In addition to credit card acceptance, the virtual terminal also includes a number of value added functions that are not available through a traditional credit card terminal.

  • Recurring Billing
  • Electronic Check Acceptance
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Robust Reporting
Recurring Billing

Recurring billing allow you to set up automatic billing to happen at a predetermined intervals each month, quarter or on an annual basis. The parameters are fully customizable to meet your specific business needs.


Electronic Check Acceptance

Electronic check acceptance gives your business the ability to accept check payments by simply entering the customers checking account number and routing number.  This additional functionality helps you cut time and expense associated with traveling to the bank to deposit checks.


Maxx Invoicing

Electronic invoicing is a convenient feature that lets you create an invoice that is directly emailed to your customer. Within the invoice is a link for the customer to visit and pay their invoice either by credit card or check.


Virtual Terminal Reporting

Reporting gives you access to every transaction processed through the virtual terminal. Transaction information is held in the virtual terminal for 7 years and is accessed through an easy to use reports tab.


If you would like take advantage of a virtual terminal solution for your business please provide us with your contact information and a representative will be in touch shortly.

Virtual Terminal Set Up

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