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Android Credit Card Processing | Features and Pricing

Posted by Alex Neir on Tue, August 28, 2012 @ 02:14 PM
Android Credit Card Processing
Accepting credit card payments from your Android based mobile phone is an easy and secure way to speed up the payment process for your business. Whether you have a brick and mortar retail store and want to expand operations at tradeshows and fairs or you have a mobile business, Android credit card processing is an inexpensive way to increase your business sales.  

The solution consists of a downloadable application available through the Android Marketplace and a swipe device that plugs into the headphone jack of the smart phone. The Android credit card processing solution can be added to an existing merchant account or started new. The process for completing a sale consists of launching the application on your Android phone, swiping the customer credit card through the swipe device and entering the required information. Customer signature is captured directly on the device with an emailed receipt to the customer’s email address.

Features include:

  • Credit card sale
  • Void / Refund
  • Transaction history available on the phone and through the payment gateway. The payment gateway is a separate interface for complete customer transaction information and history.
  • Inventory tracking
  • Geo-location of the sale
  • Customer contact information, capture and management
  • Level II data capture including PO number, taxable amount and tip
  • Merchant and customer e-receipt
  • Signature capture

Pricing for the solution consists of a few components detailed here.

  • Free - mobile processing app
  • $79.00 - Unimag II Android Card Reader  
  • Payment gateway account
    • $10 set up fee
    • $9.95 monthly license fee
  • Merchant Account
    • 1.49% qualified rate
    • $0.18 per transaction rate
    • $9.95 monthly service fee
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Mobile Credit Card Processing | Top questions to ask

Posted by Alex Neir on Thu, May 24, 2012 @ 01:21 PM
Mobile Credit Card Processing

The development of mobile credit card processing establishes a cost effective mechanism for any business to expand its reach. As this technology matures the solutions that are available for mobile credit card processing are more abundant, simpler and faster than ever. Is a mobile processing solution right for your business?

As more merchants adopt mobile technology it’s easy to argue its influence on simplifying sales. A mobile credit card processing solution can be used to transact sales from anywhere a cell phone can be used. This produces an environment in which revenue can be generated virtually anywhere. A mobile processing solution augments your payment acceptance options weather you have a retail store, ecommerce site or mobile sales organization. Here are the top questions to ask yourself as mobile processing solutions become more affordable and available.

Top questions to ask

  • What do my customers expect? If I don’t have the ability to accept a credit card will that cost me a sale?
  • Are there sales opportunities outside of my traditional sales channel? If so, how do I reduce my risk of fraud, prevent losses and lower my processing costs?
  • Do I own a smart phone or tablet and would it be convenient if it were a credit card terminal?
  • Would it benefit my business to have more customer information such as phone, email and address?

If you answered yes to even a small portion of these questions than a mobile credit card processing solution is a good fit. The convenience of having a payment processing solution tied to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet makes any situation a revenue generating opportunity. This technology is how contractors, inspectors, delivery services, caterers, therapists, etc. are turning handshakes into income.

Get started with a mobile processing solution.

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Android Credit Card Processing | Simple mobile payment processing

Posted by Alex Neir on Fri, May 04, 2012 @ 03:20 PM
Android Credit Card Processing

Are you looking for a simple way to accept payments from your Android mobile phone? There are a few solutions out there and some are better than others depending on your total or estimate monthly processing volume. For merchants that have a total or estimated monthly volume of $4,300 or less, it is more cost effective to use a solution like Square Up.  For businesses that are, or are planning to, process more than $4,300 a month, a traditional merchant account is more cost effective.

PayFox is an Android compatible mobile payment processing solution that allows your business to accept card present transactions. The solution consists of the PayFox mobile payment application available through the Android Marketplace combined with swipe device that plugs into the headphone jack of your Android phone.

Card Reader Capability

  • Multi-direction card capture
  • The lowest processing rates given swiped transactions
  • Little to no battery consumption
  • External power source not required
  • Small and portable

The solution provides your business a simply, cost effective way of transacting payment on the go. The solution has integrated signature functionality that allows for the customer signature to be captured directly on the device with email receipt capability. There is also built in tip capture for industries that accept tips. The solution is 100% PCI compliant so there is no risk of customer credit card information being lost or stolen. Additional security features reduce fraud with address verification services. The solution also has built in geo-location functionality to add map locations to the receipt.

For more information and pricing please call our friendly staff at (800)917-8026.

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