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iPhone Payment Processing – Accept Payments with your iPhone

Posted by Alex Neir on Thu, April 14, 2011 @ 10:45 AM
iPhone Payment Processing

iPhone Payment Processing – Accept Payments with your iPhone

Are you looking for an iPhone payment processing solution that is secure and easy? Look no further than the iDynamo by Magtek. The iDynamo is a simple and elegant credit card swipe that attaches easily to the bottom of an iPhone, iPod or iPad. The iDynamo works with the iProcess payment processing application available free, through the App Store.

The iDynamo in conjunction with the iProcess app gives your business a robust and secure mobile payment processing solution. The solution is PCI DSS compliant in which all card holder data is encrypted at the read head, effectively eliminating fraud. The iProcess application automatically displays the encrypted card holder information and allows for a customer signature to be captured directly on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Customer receipts can automatically be emailed while you maintain a fully executed authorization to collect payment.

iPhone Payment Processing

Made for iPhone

It is important to note that for the iPhone payment processing solution to be fully functional, your business will need a merchant account that is compatible with the iProcess application. The merchant account is necessary for the solution to communicate with the card holders bank to authorize and collect the payments initiated by the iPhone payment processing solution.

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