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Point of sale credit card processing

Posted by Alex Neir on Wed, July 07, 2010 @ 08:22 PM

Point of sale credit card processing

Point of sale credit card processingA point of sale (POS) is the location as which the sale or transaction occurs and is typically associated with check out. A point of sale system is the hardware and software that is used to complete the check out.

Payment for the transaction is a fundamental piece of the check out process and is usually not included as a function of most the point of sale systems. Most point of sale systems will need a piece of middle ware to sit between the point of sale software and the credit card processing software. The job of the middleware is to translate the payment information into a language that the credit card processing software can understand. Some examples of point of sale payment middle ware include PC Charge and IC Verify. 

Now that your business is interested in point of sale credit card processing you will need to determine which middle ware your POS is compatible with. Once you know the vendors that are compatible, you will want to check price and customer service for each vendor. I mention customer service as a few companies out there are notorious for poor customer service and support which will increase your overall costs to set everything up.

Once a middle ware vendor is selected the next step is to determine the payment network the middle ware vendor is compatible with. The bigger payment networks are First Data, Vital and Paymentech. The payment network is important as it will drive the credit card processor you are able to engage to set up your merchant account or credit card processing account.

Once you determine the credit card processors that are Point of sale credit card processingcompatible, you will want to check the rates and customer service for each. Keep in mind you "get what you pay for" so make sure you are not baited into signing up with a company that offers rates that are considerably lower than all the others. They are hiding the true costs of the service and the customer service will be non-existent.

If you would like help determining the perfect point of sale credit card processing solution for your business please contact us directly at

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